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“Every single Thursday, I quit something.” – Bob Goff

My friend, Bob Goff, has a crazy way of looking at life. First off, he does everything. And I mean everything. He runs a law firm and a non-profit organization, serves as the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Uganda, and is the NYT bestselling author of Love Does. But those aren't the things that define Bob. What defines him is his ability to enjoy life to the absolute fullest.

Stress? I'm sure he has it. But it's hard to see, what with all the crazy life capers he comes up with to change the live of those around him. Fly to Uganda today to help a population in need? Come to his place in Vancouver tomorrow? Build a chapel for his daughter's wedding? These are the kinds of things Bob does - and invites others to do - daily.

Bob would surely tell you there are many keys to his success (or maybe he's so modest he wouldn't), but I believe that one of those keys is a strange practice he has of regularly quittingthings.

Yes - you heard that right - quitting things. Although in life we are often trained to think that quitters never win, Bob doesn't think so. In fact, Bob is so strongly against this idea that some years ago he started a powerful weekly practice he calls "Quit Thursdays."

Every Thursday, he quits one thing. One thing that is no longer needed in his life. One thing that is holding him back from true success with the time and energy it takes up.

Today is Thursday, so I bet you know what I’m going to ask.

What can you quit today?

What is one thing you can get rid of in your life that will make you more productive, more focused, and more fulfilled? What is one thing you can throw away that will help clear the clutter and make the path to your real passions clearer? Whatever that one thing is, that’s the thing you need to quit today.


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