A veteran of Associated Staffing, Wendy Heath was hired in 1998 as a temporary employee in Hastings. Seventeen years and thousands of relationships built with clients and associates in and around the Hastings area later, Wendy is known to go above and beyond expectations to ensure her talent prospects are placed with the best companies.
“Wendy knows most of our working clientele by name and doesn’t miss a chance to meet the new candidates when they arrive in our office for the first time,” said Jason Hester, Hastings Branch Manager. “She is very personable and people remember her from ‘way back in the day!’”
During a break from onboarding harvest workers, Wendy looked back on her 17+ years at Associated Staffing:

Q: What brought you to Associated Staffing?
A: I was in need of work and suggested to stop in and apply!

Q: Do you remember your first day on the job?
A: I was hired as a temp to answer phones. It was just the Branch Manager and myself, and that was a different environment than I was used to.     

Q: What gets you motivated to come to work?
A: Knowing that I’m providing for my family and assisting those needing to provide for their families.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?
A: Feeling of accomplishment when I get someone to work and they are excited about their new job.

Q: You’ve placed thousands of workers in jobs in the Hastings area in the last 17 years. What do you think about that?
A: That’s a lot of placements, but it truly doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for 17 years!

Q: I’m sure you’ve seen your share of success stories. What’s the one success story that really sticks out to you from the last 17 years?
A: Taking an individual who had gained a skill in prison and placing him in a job that can utilize those skills to make more money legally than they did illegally.

Q: You’ve interviewed a lot of candidates in the last 17 years. What’s the interview question that always stumps candidates?
A: What is your greatest weakness?

Q: If you weren’t a recruiter for Associated Staffing, what would you be doing?
A: Well, that would mean that I hit the lottery and I would be retired!

Q: When you’re not recruiting, what are you doing?
: Staying actively busy at home with kids’ school and extracurricular activities!

AuthorTravis Mittan