Celebrating 2 years with Associated Staffing this month, Kearney Branch Manager Kim Geiser is known to have a contagious and upbeat personality that continuously motivates her branch.

“Kim is definitely the backbone of our team,” said Kearney Recruiter Shonda Klusman. “She is always positive and demonstrates great leadership skills. She is consistently seeking ways to grow the business and builds a great rapport with our clients and associates.” 

During a quick break from working with new associates, Kim answered a few questions about her success in Kearney:

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A: I wanted to be a flight attendant, but back then I didn’t meet the minimum height requirement. I’m glad EEO has come a long way!

Q: What’s the strangest job you’ve ever had?

A: Cleaning for an Avon lady when I was a sophomore in high school. She was a disorganized mess. She had every bottle of perfume and red glass and I had to dust it all. All for $1.95/hour. That’s why my house doesn’t get dusted to this day and I have no collections of glassware anywhere.

Q: If you could have any other job for just one day, what would it be?

A: Veterinarian. I love animals. My squirrels are the fattest in the neighborhood. They’re like butterballs climbing out of the tree! Or a zoo keeper. Probably more of the zoo keeper, because it’d rather feed the animals and play with them rather than do surgery or something. I feel like sometimes I’m a zoo keeper here!

Q: What traits define you?

A: Loyalty, integrity, strong work ethic.

Q: What’s your greatest achievement?

A: Raising my son [Beau] with the help of my now-husband Tad. Rebuilding my life after my divorce, going back to school and re-focusing. All that ties in to raising Beau. Making a good situation out of what typically ends up a difficult situation.

Q: What’s your secret superpower?

A: Intuition.

Q: What is the most important quality you need to be successful?

A: Building relationships and networking makes me more successful.

Q: You’ll be celebrating 2 years with Associated Staffing (yay!) this month. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in the last 2 years?

A: I’ve learned so much that I didn’t even fathom I would. The biggest thing is knowing there’s a company out there like this one that really does treat their employees with respect and support. I’ve gotten so much support from our leadership team that I didn’t think I could do this job without them. You can call anybody [on the leadership team] - it’s huge that you get that much support.

Q: Biggest challenge you face in your job:

A: The workforce just isn’t skilled and they don’t have the desire to succeed and that’s frustrating. Not all candidates are like that, but we shouldn’t have to drive someone to want to work. Having a job empowers you, gives you self-worth. When people act like it’s not a big deal, that’s a huge challenge for me.

Q: Our offices get a little crazy sometimes, with people calling, walking in the door, new-hire orientations, and then a client calls and needs additional employees. How do you handle all that?

A: Our client is our main focus. If a client needs employees to make their business work, we’re staying until we find those. If it’s an employee with an issue, we work them through it. If the phone rings, we answer it with a smile and do the best we can. We’re not miracle workers, but we do our best at prioritizing what’s important, and our clients always come first.

Q: We’re a pretty great company to work for (but we may be a little biased). What’s your favorite part about your job and working for Associated Staffing?

A: It’s very satisfying to help someone truly get ahead. Find them a job that they really love and they’re happy to go to work like I am. That’s the best part of my job – finding the person you can truly help. That’s what I wanted to do when I first starting working here. It’s truly a fabulous feeling!

Q: If I weren’t a Branch Manager for Associated Staffing, I would be:

A: A full-time recruiter. Seriously. I would love to recruit and have an assistant do all the paperwork!

Q: When you’re not managing the Kearney branch, what are you doing?

A: Golfing, taking walks with my dog, fattening up the squirrels (and the blue jays!) for winter, hanging with golfing friends, and hanging with Tad [husband] and Ruffy [dog]. I’m just kind of a hanger, I hang out a lot!

AuthorTravis Mittan