Sheila Garcia Recruiter, Columbus

Sheila Garcia
Recruiter, Columbus

Sheila Garcia has been part of the Associated Staffing family for more than 3 years. She lives in Columbus with her husband and son.

Q: What gets you motivated to come to work?
A:  Working towards a goal and meeting new people every day.

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? 
A: As a little girl I always wanted to be an Immigration Patrol Officer.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I would go to Paris.

Q: Who is (or has been) the most influential leader in your life:
My grandmother is my leader. She is the person who I looked up to as a little girl. She is the person I admire and love the most.

Q: If you could have any other job for just one day, what would it be?
A:  I would be a police officer.

Q: What traits define you?
  Keep a smile on your face and the right attitude in your heart. Communicate effectively.

Q: What’s your greatest achievement?
A: Established good working relationships with clients.

Q: Biggest challenge you face in your job:
A: Retention. Finding the right candidate for the right job.

Q: What’s your favorite part about your job and working for Associated Staffing?
  Making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Q: When you’re not recruiting, what are you doing?
When I’m not working at Associated Staffing, I’m doing photography or I’m being a mom.

AuthorTravis Mittan