Associated Staffing Wellness Committee Member and Business Development manager, Shane Trujillo also makes time for personal training. He shares his best tips for burning fat:

You might be familiar with some of the most popular diets, such as Atkins, Ornish, South Beach, Weight Watchers and others. But, it takes more than familiarity to burn fat and lose weight! It’s important to remember that these diets only support a negative calorie intake for the short-term. You simply have to be in a negative energy balance if your goal is to burn fat and lose inches!
Here’s a few helpful tips to stay motivated:
                Get a personal trainer
                Find an inspirational quote or photo
                Bring a friend to work out with
Eating healthy foods, including complex cards, complete proteins and healthy essential fats, and lowering sodium and sugar intake will all be complimentary to your end goal, which is fat loss. This encourages your body to turn to stored fat deposits for energy, muscle repair and normal cellular activity.

Find what motivates you and eat healthy the right way! 

Associated Staffing cares about the physical and spiritual well-being of others. We offer an award-winning wellness program to our employees.
AuthorTravis Mittan