I thought it was the perfect time to de-bunk a few myths, so many candidates come into Associated Staffing asking a good majority of similar questions. Staffing agencies have a certain “stereotype” to them and I think you would be amazed to find out how we work and what we believe in as a company!

Myth #1:

Here is a BIG one!!! “How much money to do you take out of my check?”

Fact: Our recruiting services are completely free to job seekers, we are paid off of the clients fees. We are working to find clients qualified candidates and help their turnover. They see a million resumes and become overwhelmed. We are hired to screen and process for them.

Myth #2:

“You guys only have day labor jobs”

Fact: We have so much more, At Associated Staffing we have careers from seasonal, Temporary to Hire to make sure the fit is there, We have Direct Hire where they will go straight to the clients payroll. The jobs range from no experience/education to Bachelor’s/Master’s degree & experience.

Myth # 3:

“How are you any different from other staffing agencies?”

Fact: This is truly my favorite answer, our people! We have an interest in helping people! This is apart of our mission statement, core values, and philosophy of work. The recruiters have had many years of experience and training that is continuous. We are always learning with seminars, webinars, group training, etc.

Myth #4:

“I will make less money using a staffing agency than on my own”

Fact: You will make possibly more money using a staffing agency. We are able to market and present you in a way you can not do. We can sell you and explain why you are worth the wages you are wanting!

Myth #5:

“The only jobs available through a staffing agency are general labor and entry level clerical”

Fact: No way! We have those positions, but we hire for so many different positions such as: Nurses, HR, Accounting, Construction, Marketing, etc!!!!

Myth #6:

“I can not get any Health Benefits or Insurance with a staffing agency”

Fact: Yes you can! We offer Health benefits/insurance prior to rollover on to the clients insurance.

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AuthorPaige Kirlin