Staffing solutions that meet your needs!

When you choose Associated Staffing as your staffing solution, you can ensure you are getting the top candidates for the job! Before a resume even hits your inbox, we have worked to ensure each candidate is qualified for the job through in-depth interviews with one of our trained staff members. We also have candidates complete clerical and industrial testing to verify their skill set.

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Temp to Hire Staffing

One of the best ways to ensure you’re hiring the right candidate is to use our Temp to Hire staffing service! We find candidates that match your job description and hire them on to our payroll. As they work for you, you can decide if they are the candidate you want to add to your team permanently. Once you’re ready, rolling them over to your payroll is easy! And the good news: you have a fully trained staff member from Day 1 on your payroll. Costs for this service are based on the type of work performed and calculated by a per hour markup rate.


Temporary Staffing

Are you looking for a workforce to assist with a big project, fill in for an employee out on leave, or help during your busy season? Our Temporary Staffing option is your solution! With your job description in hand, we search our database to find a candidate that fits your needs. We’ll decide on a candidate and present them for your review, saving you lots of time! Once we find the right employee, they are hired onto our payroll for the temporary period of time. We take care of workers’ compensation and unemployment costs for you! Costs for this service are based on the type of work performed and calculated by a per hour markup rate.


Direct Hire Staffing

Hiring a top-level candidate can be stressful for any HR Department! How can you ensure your company is making an investment in the right candidate? Our Professional Staffing Division is the perfect solution! Our Professional Staffing Division Recruiters are committed to matching talented professionals with leading organizations, and conduct in-depth interviews with all top-level candidates. Once the interview is completed, we verify skills and references so we can send their resume right away with the reassurance that they are qualified for your position. Once you’ve chosen the right candidate for your company, they are hired onto your payroll. Costs for this service are based on yearly salary calculations and are invoiced in a one-time fee.

Screening Services